Almost 100 Years of Tradition –
The History of our Company


In 1925 the company was founded by Christian Stöhr with 100 borrowed Reichsmarks. With his products he supplied electrical industry. His customers were enterprises such as Siemens, AEG and Lindner.
During the succeeding years, the electrical and metal processing factory prospered, not only due to high flexibility but extraordinary innovations such as electrical lighters or beekeeping components.

After the DM was brought onto the market in 1948, very good foreign contacts developed. In 1950 the perforated plate for indicating pins was used as base for the first hair curler. The increasing demand made way for the patented “Filigran – Wickler” and “Filigran-Roller”.

In 1959 the first extruded polyethylene hair curlers were produced. The product range has been expanded and improved since then.

The self-developed extrusion process made way to all different kinds of products, such as doormats in 1976, snow-car-starting-aid in 1978 or the prickly slug-defense-beet-fencing.

Today our company is operated by the third generation and holds its ground on global competition.
Our products and our manufacturing process are self-designed in our research laboratory for mechanical engineering.

Our aim is prompt and flexible customer fulfillment.

Christian Stöhr GmbH - Luftbld
Lockenwickler - Produktion
Lockenwickler - Produktion